Our first assignment!

Well our globetrotting house and pet sitting adventure began this weekend.  We are registered here. We have been looking after two very sweet cocker spaniels and a vocal Burmese cat in BOA not too far away from our soon to be rented out home.  It has been a great first experience for us as the three girls have been an absolute pleasure to look after in very comfortable surroundings.  We had views right across BOA towards Westbury White Horse, underfloor heating and sunshine streaming in through the bi-fold doors.  Tilly, the younger dog, had Tim pinned to the settee for most of Saturday whilst I was at work – his excuse for not moving from the same spot for several hours!  We have had some pleasant walks in and around the local area and along the canal and seen some parts of the town we never knew existed.  There are so many alleyways concealing tucked away houses with pretty little gardens and great views.

First House Sit Feb 2016
Tim with his very affectionate charge!

We went out last night to the Castle, a flatcappers pub, for a couple of real ales and some food.  I have to say mine was the best pint I have had since I was last in Yorkshire probably a year ago!  I forget what it was though! Doh! This was the first time we’d been able to go out in BOA and not have to get a train, taxi or bus home (or walk or cycle!). It made for a very pleasant evening with much chat about our future plans (or lack of them!) with then just a 5 minute stroll ‘home’ and a rapturous welcome from our 3 charges. Purrfect!

First House Sit Feb 2016 (2)
It’s a tough job!

Coming home tonight has been a wrench as we have fallen in love with all three of ‘the girls’!

Rosie Feb 2016
How can you resist that little face?

As an aside:

Whilst we were on our first pet sitting assignment we had a message from another house sit we had applied for in BOA for 5th March 2016.  The couple wanted to meet us in person and it just happened that their house was just a few minutes walk away.  On arriving we were welcomed by Tusker (I forget which breed of dog he is but it’s posh and French!) who happens to belong to a friend of a friend who was doing a landscaping project for the owners.  Small world!  We met the two boisterous collies and the owners are happy for us to look after their collies and cat for the night on 5th March.  So that will be assignment numero deux.  I think the younger collie could be a bit high maintenance but we’ll see!



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We are Jane and Tim and we recently gave up our jobs and rented out our house to persue a life of travel across Europe in our motorhome called Ollie.

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