The ‘pack up’ begins…………..

Our agent has confirmed our new tenants will be moving into our house on 8th April 2016.  This gives us six weeks in which to sort all our stuff out.  Even though we have been living a pretty sparse, minimalist life style at home for the last couple of years we still seem to have quite a lot of ‘stuff’.  We haven’t bought anything new for the last two years unless it is something that was going with us on ‘the trip’  but deciding what to keep, sell, donate or ditch is a pretty taxing task!  As we have no idea how this lifestyle is going to evolve we don’t know if we will need any of this stuff in the near future and whether it is worth paying to store it all or going totally hardcore and getting shot of the lot?!?

Packing Feb 2016.JPG
Packing up begins………….

These are the sorts of conversations we have had over the last few months/weeks:

Jane: Right what are we going to do about the kitchen table and chairs?

Tim: I don’t think we should just give it away it should be worth at least £200.

Jane: £200?  You must be joking nobody will pay that for it. You’d be lucky to get £50.

Tim: Yeah but we paid loads for it when we bought it.

Jane: Yes but that was 20 years ago and we have had 20 years of service out of it!

Tim: Well I’d rather keep it then.

Jane: It will take up too much room in storage and if we wanted a similar table and chairs in the future we could buy secondhand for next to nothing.  And it will be easier getting rid of it now than in a years time from a storage container in a muddy field.

Tim: What about selling it on Gumtree or Facebook?

Jane: We’ll need to photograph it and have the hassle of timewasters and hagglers though.

Tim:  Well i don’t just want to give it away to some freeloader!

Jane:  OK, what about donating it to Dorothy House?

Tim:  Mmm, I’d be much happier with that.

Jane: Right, decision made, conversation closed, off it goes to Dorothy House.  Right, what about the bookcases…………………………………………….!

Packing Feb 2016 (2).JPG
The last remaining books – all the others have been given to friends or donated to Dorothy House.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!  Many, many discussions have gone round in circles like this.  I think we feel aggrieved that  we have paid a certain amount for something which would now sell for next to nothing.  What is particularly ridiculous is the fact that I have had no qualms about giving away all my books (in which case we don’t need the bookcases Tim as we won’t have anything to put on them!).  Equally, we have taken a digital photograph of our old photo’s and thrown out the originals.  We have just kept about 10% of the originals in a few albums but the rest have gone…………for ever.  And we didn’t feel in the least bit flaky about it either.  So, why are we wasting so much mental energy on household possessions that can be replaced at any time?  Bizarre!

Bare Book Case Feb 2016.JPG
Do we really need to keep that bookcase now we have nothing to put on it?!

All I can say is kudos to all of you who keep nothing and get shot of ALL your possessions before you embark on a life change like this.  You are totally more badass hardcore than we are!


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We are Jane and Tim and we recently gave up our jobs and rented out our house to persue a life of travel across Europe in our motorhome called Ollie.

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