Today we said goodbye to our trusty steed………

Car March 2016.JPG
Our trusty steed no longer!

Today we said goodbye to our car, a Citroen Picasso, we have had for the last 8 years.  Tim has sold her to someone he works with for a bargain price. I have to be honest I wasn’t really very fond of her but she was a good workhorse and has served us well over the years. She was especially useful when we were doing some work on the house and she was exactly the right shape to use as a skip!

Even though I wasn’t feeling the love for the Picasso Tim loved this car initially.  Not long after we first had her we went on a road trip to South West Ireland for a long weekend with our friends Di and Chris.  We were going to the Cahersiveen Music Festival.  We were catching the overnight ferry from Pembroke to Rosslare and had some time to kill before we set sail so went to a local pub.  As nominated driver Tim was drinking coke.  Three hours later we were eventually kicked out of the pub and got in the queue for the ferry.  Di, Chris and I had been drinking ‘loony soup’ real ale and were by now very merry and starving hungry.  We broke out the cheese and biscuits and, unbeknown to us three at the time, we made a complete mess in the car with several types of cheese and crackers ground into the carpet and all over the seats.  We were completely oblivious and were having a great time.  Tim just had to grin and bear watching his new car get trashed.  He stills gets a nervous tic now whenever that episode is mentioned!

Ireland Sept 2009.JPG
Cahersiveen Music Festival 2009.

Things got worse though and the final nail in the coffin on Tim’s love for the Picasso arrived whilst watching an episode of Gavin and Stacey (BBC Sitcom).  ‘Uncle Bryn’ went on a road trip with the family to Gavin’s family in Billericay in his trusty Picasso! Tim never saw the car in the same light after that!

‘Uncle Bryn’ in his Picasso on the way to Billericay!

After his love affair with the car waned Tim wouldn’t spend any money on it unless he absolutely had to.  He hit a badger on the way to work early one morning which damaged the bumper.  The quote we had for fixing it was in the region of £350 so instead of paying up Tim ‘repaired’ the bumper with cable ties which looked like stitches!  They have lasted at least six years now and are still going strong.

Car Stitches Mar 16.JPG
The car with its stitches!

So eight years and 100000 miles later she has now gone to a new home.  To be fair she has cost us next to nothing to run throughout the last eight years so we can’t complain.  Tim will be catching the train to work until he finishes on 31st March 2016.  I cycle the couple of miles to work anyway so no change for me.  What it does mean though is we are now doing our weekly shop, and any other errands, on the bikes!

Car sold Aldi March 2016.JPG
Ready for the cycle home from the weekly shop on our Bromptons!



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We are Jane and Tim and we recently gave up our jobs and rented out our house to persue a life of travel across Europe in our motorhome called Ollie.

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