Painting, primping and packing…………………………….. .

This last weekend has seen us packing up the final things in the house.  Everything except the bed is now downstairs either in the sitting room or the kitchen.  It still looks like a lot of stuff but I suppose it’s not really when you compare it to the average contents of a three bed house.  The storage container finally arrived this week in Corsham.  It was supposed to arrive three weeks ago but they have had problems with their supplier and eventually changed the supplier in order to get one for us.  It was touch and go with much toing and froing of phone calls.  If it hadn’t arrived this week we would have needed to find an alternative.  That, in itself, would not have been a problem but the 20’ x 8’ container we are having is about £220 per year cheaper than its rivals which does make a difference (especially to Tim who is averse to spending money……………..unless on a useless gadget that is!).

Ready to go to storage
Everything packed up and ready to go into storage.

So that’s the house done.  We are hiring a van which we pick up on Thursday evening this week and everything goes to the storage container on Friday.  We will then have 10 days left ‘camping out’ in the house until our departure date.  We have already brought the contents of the van kitchen into the house and we will bring in the camping table and chairs and the mattress from the van!  It will be like going back to when we first moved in together and didn’t have much.  At least we have central heating and carpets now though and I know how to cook! Ah, happy days!

Going into storage
Ooooh look at that lino – 25 years old and still going strong!

We packed and repacked and repacked and repacked the van yesterday.  Everything is where we ‘think’ it will go but that will no doubt change when we are on the road (or it’ll be flung out on the M1!).  We obviously have a bit more stuff for this trip than our usual trips so finding space for all those extra books, clothes, SHOES (yes Tim you know I’m getting at you here!) and jackets etc etc.  On the shoe note I wish Tim’s feet were a size 4 instead of a size 11 – it would make life sooo much easier.  Just how many pairs of shoes does a man need??!!

The pack and re-pack and re-pack of ‘Ollie’!
Loading thee Van March 16.JPG
Final bits going in.

Today I painted the garden fence ready for the season and Tim painted ‘his’ shed last week.  Talking of sheds, Tim sorted out the ‘man cave’ at the weekend.  He spent an inordinate amount of time in there doing who knows what but I was pleased to see that when he emerged he had organised it all ready for storage and hadn’t done the usual thing of taking everything out just to put it back in again with no obvious improvements!

Shed Prep March 2016.JPG
Tim painting his ‘man cave’!
Last paint of the fence March 16.JPG
Primping the fence!

So that’s it 16 days to go! Yay!





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We are Jane and Tim and we recently gave up our jobs and rented out our house to persue a life of travel across Europe in our motorhome called Ollie.

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