It’s all gone……………….. .

We hired a van on Good Friday to transport all our stuff the 10 miles out to our storage container.  We picked up the van on Thursday evening and got it loaded up so we would be ready to go early on Friday morning.  It only took about an hour as everything except the bed was already downstairs.

Loading up!

Fortunately, Friday was a beautiful dry sunny day and we had an early start, arriving at the container at 7am to start unloading.  With the first vanful unloaded in 40 minutes we set off back home for the rest.

The first load.

Getting the settee out through the front door proved an impossible task.  After taking the feet off it we still couldn’t get it through so opted to take it out through the patio doors in the kitchen and then via the lean-to which meant two more doors but we got it out no problem that way. So with everything else packed in to the second load we headed back out to off load it.  The whole job was done by 11.30am.

Storage container.JPG
Just need a lie down before the last bits go in!
Goodbye old life!

We then went up to the RSPCA cats and dogs home at Claverton Down in Bath to donate two binliners of dog bedding, leads, collars, toys, towels etc which I’d been hanging on to for the last couple of years after the last of our beloved dogs went to the big kennel in the sky.   Letting that go was harder than any of the other stuff we have got rid of over the last few years of simplifying our life but I keep telling myself it’s better to be used for needy dogs rather than sitting in a storage container being no use to anyone.  In truth though, I haven’t thought about it since it has gone.

So that was it, half a day to close up our old life and make a start on the new one!  We are both relieved and happy that it’s all gone from the house now as we have been a bit tetchy with each other over the last few weeks living in a mess!  Tim has been going to bed at 7pm to read rather than sit in the thick of it all downstairs as he can’t stand it!  Finally clearing out the house has felt like we are over the last hurdle on our mission (or hump as Julie and Jason call it on their blog) and all the sorting, planning and organising is now behind us and we can start looking ahead to our new adventures.

11 days to go:)


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We are Jane and Tim and we recently gave up our jobs and rented out our house to persue a life of travel across Europe in our motorhome called Ollie.

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