The map of Europe arrives…………… .

When we travelled to Normandy two years ago we were parked up next to a Dutch van which had a map of Europe transfer stuck on the side of it.  It’s an outline of Europe with all the countries on it that you can ‘fill in’ as you visit each country.  We said at the time that we would definitely try to get one before we left for our trip.  So after a little Googling I managed to source one from Germany from here and, what with the wonders of Google translate, I ordered one which duly arrived 5 days later!  That t’internet is just amazing!!

Look at that concentration trying to get the transfer on without any any bubbles!

Getting the transfer onto the van proved to be a bit tedious.  Tim, very kindly, tried to help and all was going really well until half of it was on and he decided to run off and get the camera to take a few pictures.  Well, that just interrupted my concentration and the lower half of it ended up with several air bubbles in it.  A minor domestic then ensued with Tim shushing me hoping the neighbours wouldn’t hear my language and me telling him ‘don’t you *&%$£* shush me’!  We then had to carefully rip it off and try again.  The second attempt wasn’t much better and I had to resign myself to imperfection and pass the bubbles off as mountainous regions in those countries!  It’s not too bad if you don’t look too closely and it gives the idea I suppose.

Those pesky bubbles just wouldn’t come out!
Before we added the countries we have already visited in the van.
After – Mmm we’ve not been far!

We have been to a few other countries but not in ‘the van’ so they don’t count.  Hopefully after a couple of years it will be a bit more colourful if it stays stuck on!

I did have some more photos but I had to pick out the ones where I didn’t look ‘evil’!


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We are Jane and Tim and we recently gave up our jobs and rented out our house to persue a life of travel across Europe in our motorhome called Ollie.

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