Final day at home and first day on the road……. .

Wednesday saw my final day at work as a postie with Royal Mail.  Whilst only there for a short while from November last year I have really enjoyed having a physical, outdoor job and lost 10 pounds in the process!  Getting paid to exercise – what’s not to like??!!  Tim did his final gig with the DS Big Band at The Farmhouse which was a good night.

Poor quality picture but you get the idea!

We had a fair few friends turn out to see him off including Sam and Chris who came all the way from Inverness – in truth they were down seeing family in Swindon but we like to think they like us that much to travel all that way!  So that’s the end of an era for Tim after 16 years with the band.

Go Tim!

Thursday morning was busy with the final clear out and clean up of the house before handing the keys into the agent for our tenants.  One final trip to the charity shop and a last scoot out to the storage container to drop a few bits and pieces off and we were on the road.  It all felt a bit surreal but we felt relieved, excited and pleased to finally be on our way.

On the road at last!

We were due to be at our first Helpx near Leicester on Friday morning so we drove up through the Cotswolds making a pitstop at Lidl in Cirencester for some provisions.  That will be the first of many Lidl stops in the coming months!

First Lidl stop of the trip!

We had lunch in Bourton on the Water – in the van, parked up on a side street to avoid parking fees naturally!  Our first night was spent at a Britstop behind a pub near Rugby.  The landlord came out to welcome us and moved his car so that we could park up adjacent to the canal.

Our first Britstop next to the canal.

We had a stroll along the canal and local quarry.

Pleasant stroll around the disused quarry, now a nature reserve.

We then availed ourselves of the free wifi in the pub accompanied by a couple of pints of real ale and some food.  Not a bad way to spend our first night on the road.  After a quiet nights sleep it was up for a leisurely cup of tea and breakfast before setting off for two weeks of volunteering with a Helpx Host.

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We are Jane and Tim and we recently gave up our jobs and rented out our house to persue a life of travel across Europe in our motorhome called Ollie.

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