Ollie (the van) needs a helping hand…… .

On Thursday Tim and I took the Landrover and trailer up to the field to load up some wood to take it around to the wood pile in the barn.  They are the sort of jobs I really like doing and we were having a good old chit chat in the sun whilst loading up the trailer.

Collecting the wood to go into the barn.

When the trailer was full Tim decided it was high time we moved the van as it had been slowly sinking into the ground since we had arrived.  On closer inspection we realised that the exhaust was pretty much sitting on the grass!  Not good.

Preparing Ollie for a tow out of the ditch he’d created.

Dave had said that he would pull us out with the Landrover no problem.  I wasn’t so sure.  Our van weighs over 3.5 tonnes and was pretty bogged down but we had a go none the less.

Ollie just won’t budge!

Well after several attempts we all realised we needed something more manly to get us out as we just weren’t budging.

Oh dear, well and truly sunk 😦 

Dave went off to the next farm and spoke nicely to the farmer who said he’d be up in an hour with his tractor.  I went back to the house at that point as I knew Tim would be stressed about his van and wouldn’t be able to concentrate on anything until it was sorted and me being in the way wouldn’t help!  So, half an hour later, after I’d knocked up a cauliflower and broccoli cheese I went out to investigate what was happening to find the van in another spot and the tractor disappearing down the lane!  I’d missed the photo opportunity but at least the van is now sitting on some wood at the top end of the field which is a bit firmer.

What a mess Ollie made – it’s all patched up now though.

Tim has now patched up the giant divots in the field so you’d almost think we’d never been there – well maybe not!  Unfortunately, Dave’s Landrover was not to be revived and is now languishing in the field in need a new clutch we think!  We never did finish the job of moving the logs to the barn as we have nothing to tow the trailer with now!  Oh dear.