Sadly, Shaun the lamb didn’t make it :(

Shaun (the lamb), as I had taken to calling him, had been living in the kitchen with the dogs for a couple of days when Dave took him back out to the trailer to Mabel (his Mum) to see if he’d feed from her.  He fed straight away and was left with her and seemed to be thriving for a day or so but on Friday morning when Dave went to have a look in the trailer he was no longer with us:(  We think he didn’t have enough colostrom from Mabel when he was first born so his immune system let him down.  The good news is that Mabel’s strongest lamb is doing well and is now out in the field with all the others.  I don’t think Mabel will be having any more lambs next year as she had difficulties last year and is proving to be too much trouble!  Apparently, she’s going to a really lovely retirement home with luscious green grass and a hot tub– not!

Mabel (looking at the camera). I’m not sure if that’s her lamb though!
The Hebridean ewes.
More ewes.


I’ll get some photos of the lambs in the next few days as I don’t seem to have any yet.  The sheep, hens and ducks have been Tim’s department whilst I’ve been looking after the cattery.  I have a favourite cat in the cattery called Star who is very timid but now comes out now when I talk to her.

Star and Chewy my favourites!

There’s another cat in the cattery called Socks who is my second favourite who was really timid at first but now likes to come out for a fuss.   I tell them all that they are my favourite though!

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We are Jane and Tim and we recently gave up our jobs and rented out our house to persue a life of travel across Europe in our motorhome called Ollie.

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