Onwards for a week in Harrogate…… .

We had an uneventful drive up to Yorkshire on Sunday morning for the second leg of our trip.  We are staying at Rudding House Farm, a Caravan Club CL site, outside Harrogate for the next week.

Home for the next week at Rudding House Farm, near Harrogate.

My Parents live a couple of miles away so we’ll be spending some time out and about with them and catching up with some other family members too.  The first port of call on our arrival was to stock up at Lidl though.  This turned out to be a stressful shop as an eldery gent backed into the van in the car park! Argh!  I had nipped in to buy something for lunch as I didn’t want to be doing the proper shop whilst hungry.  It’s always fatal if I do that as I’ll buy a whole load of junk food which I’ll then systematically work my way through, consuming about three thousand calories even before we’ve left the car park!  So I left Tim in the van in case he needed to move it as the car park wasn’t particularly big and  we were already blocking another car in.  I arrived back at the van just as the elderly gent reversed into the bike rack!

Bent bike rack!

Tim shot out of the van and chased after him and kindly opened his drivers’ door for him so he couldn’t escape!  He was very apologetic and gave us his details etc and we said we’d contact him after we’d got the bikes off and had a look at the damage.  Fortunately, the damage wasn’t that bad – the lense on the light was cracked and the bike rack on one end was a bit skew whiff but other than that it seems to be ok.

Cracked lense on the light cluster of the bike rack 😦

Tim straightened it out a bit and glued the lense back together and we’’ll leave it at that.

‘Make do and mend’ of the light lense!

Tim rang the chap to put him out of his misery and to say we were able to repair it and no harm done. So that was the most stress, or only stress, we’ve had in the time since we left home!

On Monday we had some admin to catch up on so we cycled into Harrogate to avail ourselves of the libraries free wifi.  After some admin, banking and a mooch around Harrogate we sampled the Harrogate Wetherspoons, The Winter Gardens.  The building itself used to be part of Harrogate’s former Royal Baths so it’s one of the more interesting buildings owned by them. My Dad had given us some 50p off a pint vouchers and it would be rude not to use them up wouldn’t it?!?

Wetherspoons Harrogate.

We wiled away a couple of hours in there using their wifi and spending a grand total of £16.29 for 5 pints and two meals between us!  You gotta lurve Wetherspoons……………………….unless you go to the one in Trowbridge that is!  I’d give that one a miss if I was you after it made headline news in the Telegraph!

On Tuesday we had a walk at Swinsty Reservoir with Mum, Dad and Bertie and managed to get back to the car just before it started hailing.

Swinsty Reservoir.

Bertie, who will be 16 in a few weeks, has his own chariot for when he’s had enough walking and seems to enjoy watching the world go by in it.  He has to be kept warm in his Gangsta Hoodie though!

Bertie wearing his ‘gangsta hoodie’ in his chariot!!

We went for some lunch at the Wellington Inn at Darley afterwards which is a really nice pub serving good food.

I also knocked up a Beef Madras in my Mr D’s Thermal Cooker which is a slow cooker that does not need any power to cook the food after you have it up to temperature.  You start the food off as you would any other slow cooker but once it’s simmering you then put it into it’s thermal base and leave it to do it’s stuff.

Cooking up a Beef Madras in the thermal cooker.

It’s great for motorhomes, caravans and boats etc when you don’t have any power supply and are reliant on a limited gas supply. We bought it specifically with our extended trip in mind and it has already earned it’s place in the van!


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We are Jane and Tim and we recently gave up our jobs and rented out our house to persue a life of travel across Europe in our motorhome called Ollie.

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