Another House sitting assignment………….. .

Last Sunday (1 May 2016) we left Yorkshire, saying goodbye to my Mum and Dad, to move on to Great Yarmouth in Norfolk for another House and Pet sitting assignment.  We are staying near Gt Yarmouth for the next 2.5 weeks looking after four Wire Fox Terrier’s.   We met the dogs and owners last Sunday to make sure we knew the dogs’ routines at home and where the most interesting walks are and to reassure the owners that they will have a house and dogs to come back to in 2 weeks!   More on the wires in a minute though.

We spent the rest of Sunday at the seaside town of Pakefield which is probably more known for the Pontins holiday site than anything else.  Do people still go to Pontins???  I suppose they must do but it all looked a bit concentration campish to me.  We had a long walk along the beach past some colourful little beach huts.

Beach Huts at Pakefield, Norfolk.


We took in Pakefield Church which has a couple of sheep grazing in the grounds.

Sheep grazing in the grounds of Pakefield Church.

I ‘googled’ it and they are apparently called Rodney (black face) and Lucy!  Saves on the mowing costs I expect.  Thanks to google I also discovered that the church has a Pet Service in the summer where everybody brings along their pets to enjoy a service of thanks for their pets including pet themed hymns and songs!  They also do baptism’s in the sea so obviously a progressive church me thinks!

On Monday we had a look round Lowestoft  – definitely not to be done again.  I didn’t bother to get the camera out.  Nuff said!  So we had a relaxing couple of days before our house sit started on Tuesday.

So, back to the wires.  They are Molly (11), Chester (8), Hattie (4) and Daphne (1).

Hattie, Chester, Daphne, Tim, Molly!

Despite their cute looks they are terriers through and through and they are a handful to say the least!  If you give them an inch they’ll take a mile.  It’s alright, we were warned by their owners before they were unleashed on us!  That said, Molly, Chester and Hattie can be pretty lazy, especially in the morning when we have to tip them out of their beds as they refuse to get up!  Daphne’s the youngest so she’s always up and wanting to go out………………well that’s until  I get the lead out and then she disappears under the table!

Daphne enjoying a walk.

We’ve now got the measure of them (!) and got into a good routine.  We’re enjoying all the walks out and about with them.

Hattie and Daphne at the Southern end of the beach.

We generally take two at a time as four is quite handful and Molly and Chester, being older, tend not to want to go so far or so fast!

Sea defences.

We took Daphne down to the ‘Doggy Diner’ at the North end of the beach at Gorleston on Wednesday.  They even sell homemade doggy treats like Salmon Cakes and Tuna Mash in Yorkshire Puds……………yes, that is for the dogs!!  Totally redic but good fun:)

Daphne goes to the ‘Doggy Diner’!

We have also had some lovely walks through the woods which are a few minutes from the house.

Chester and Hattie in the woods.

The weather has been tropical for this area at 21 degrees so we’ve finally broken out our shorts.  We could quite get used to living by the seaside.

Gorleston seafront.

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We are Jane and Tim and we recently gave up our jobs and rented out our house to persue a life of travel across Europe in our motorhome called Ollie.

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