Another successful Helpx assignment comes to an end.. .

So, after our three day mini-break in Coulon we headed back to Ralph and Sue’s near Secondigny for another week to help with a few other jobs that needed doing.  Monday and Tuesday saw Tim and Ralph making a start on the fencing in the top field where the horses will eventually go.

Three months ago Tim wouldn’t have been able to lift that hammer!!!

I did a bit of raking out and clearing of all the vegetation ready for the posts to go in.

Happy with power tools again.

Tim and Ralph did all the hard graft!  The farmer next door came and cut both fields this week and twirled the grass ready for baling later in the week.

Not sure what that tool is called –  a fence post banger inner maybe?

I had a lovely couple of days on Tuesday and Wednesday being principal tour guide to Ralph’s sister Pat, and brother in law Alan, who were staying for a week or so.  As Ralph and Sue were busy with the animals and various different jobs Pat, Alan and I went out for a couple of days to tour the area.  It coincided with an improvement in the weather which made for a pleasant couple of days perfect for strolling and quaffing coffee at cafes!   I can add Tour Guide to my CV now which has always looked pretty sparse!

I also enjoyed taking some of the doggy residents out for their daily walks.  A little apricot poodle, which reminded me of Fluffles, the poodle on the Wallace and Gromit film, A Matter of Loaf and Death, was my favourite!

snapshot20090303134913 (1)
The apricot poodle staying with Sue reminded me of Fluffles.

Finally on Wednesday and Thursday Tim helped Ralph create a second dog run in the garden for the unsociable canine residents that can’t be trusted to mix with the gang on the other side of the fence!

Second dog run up and, err, running!

Sue and I cut the grass in the polytunnel with push along lawn mowers.  I haven’t used one of those since about 1979!  That was hard work and gave me blisters but is a better work out than paying to go to a gym!  The petrol lawn mower flings out too much shrapnel which would have potentially shredded the walls of the polytunnel though.

Our next door neighbour in Trowbridge still uses one of these!

We rounded our stay off with a trip to a local bar to watch France hammer Germany 2-0 in the semi final of Euro 2016.

Tim now seems to think he is French!

Parfait!  Allez les bleus!


So, with France safely in the final, our Sunday nights entertainment is now sorted out!

We said au revoir to our hosts and their guest’s yesterday morning with our heads filled with plans of moving into the Dordogne area.  We are in no particular rush as we haven’t, at the moment, got any more Helpxing or Housesitting  gigs lined up.  (Tim could do with a rest after all the real man’s work he’s been doing in the last three months.  He is looking more like a racing snake with each passing day!)

We drove 100km to stop at Cognac which is famous for, umm, Cognac.  Our visit here has coincided with the annual Blues Festival and we managed to bag one of the five spaces on the free aire next to the river just as another van was leaving.  Result!

The Aire at Cognac just between the flags – 5 minute walk into town.

Life doesn’t get better than this!

Bonne Journée:)

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We are Jane and Tim and we recently gave up our jobs and rented out our house to persue a life of travel across Europe in our motorhome called Ollie.

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