Around the coast to Dènia and Xàbia… .


View from the bedroom window on our last morning outside Valencia.

On Sunday 25th September 2016 we arrived at Dènia, on the coast halfway between Valencia and Alicante.  We felt a little uninspired by what we’d seen along the coast to get there though.  Having been spoilt all through France with small, pretty medieval towns and villages, making driving a pleasure between our overnight stays, Spain is a different kettle of fish!   Admittedly we didn’t explore the Mediterranean Coast of France this time which will undoubtedly be busier than we would like maybe.  We’re trying to pick out areas along the coast which aren’t too built up and offer some cycling and walking opportunities for us.  I looked on Google Earth at the area around Dènia and Xàbia, further around the coast, which seemed to fit the bill.


Both are small (for the Spanish coast!) towns bordering the Montgò National Park. We found some free parking right behind the beach at Dènia where we spoke to a British couple to see if it was possible to stay the night.  They’d stayed the previous night with no problems so we thought we’d give it a go.

Denia in the evening.

We had a very pleasant stroll along the coast and marina areas before having a swim in the beautiful clear waters on the beach a few steps away behind the van.  Although busy we quite liked the town with it’s narrow, colourful streets and café atmosphere.  After sitting on the beach to watch the sunset we did as the Spanish do and headed out at 10pm for something to eat.

P1080420.JPGAfter a big pizza each we had a very quiet night tucked away behind a big tree in the beach carpark alongside another French van.

Monday was shopping day at the local Lidl followed by a diesel fill up at €1 a litre before taking the coast road up and over the hill to Xàbia.

Although it wasn’t that far it was more stressful for Tim than the drive through the Pyrénées as the road was narrower and busier with nowhere to pull over to let the big tailback of cars we had acquired go past us. The scenery was beautiful though.


We arrived in Xàbia after a steep, winding descent into the town with a grinding noise coming from the brakes.  We’d had the same noise after the long descents in the Pyrénées so we thought it best to pull into a tyre and exhaust garage to get them looked at hoping they spoke a little English!  The van was booked in at 9am the following day to have a free check so we decided to stay at a nearby campsite for three nights to have a base to do some walking and cycling.

The campsite was excellent with a 24 metre long pool which I made full use of to have my first proper pool swims for ages.  Xàbia is a bustling resort but not too built up and has given us the opportunity to do some coastal walking.  We had excellent service from the garage who did a free brake check for us. They were fine so that’s put Tim’s mind at rest!

We took a walk along the coast from the marina into the Montgò National Park which was superb.

A walk in the Montgo National Park.

Sooo nice to get away from traffic and noise.  With the temperatures in the top twenties it’s hot but not oppressive and lovely to be in shorts and tee-shirts all day, everyday!

View back across Xabia from the top.

We had thunderstorms overnight on Tuesday giving iffy weather on Wednesday morning so we opted for a lazy day reading and the like with an hours stroll along the seafront.  It was a different place than the day before with surf rolling in and twenty mile an hour winds but the temperatures were still up there for shorts and T-shirts!

Tim has had the glue out again sticking anything from sandals to sunglasses to binoculars to cupboard doors.  Anything that needed sticking got stuck! Inevitably living in the van for nearly six months and using our small amount of stuff nearly every day some running repairs need to be done.  Tim has a few tools on board that seem to come out every other day for some job or other.  I just let him get on with it as it keeps him quiet and seems to keep him happy! Funny, nothing ever got fixed at home though!

We left the campsite on Thursday morning and parked up on the beach road the other side of Xàbia from Montgò National Park to do a walk along the coast.  The weather was superb again with temperatures in the top twenties.  Can’t complain!

A coastal walk along the other side of Xabia.



View back towards Xabia.

I’m behind with the blog after the ‘blip’ I had uploading pictures (these have loaded up in minutes today!) and another week has gone by since leaving Xabia but I’ll try to get up to date in the next few days! Oh, the pressure!

Hasta pronto!

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We are Jane and Tim and we recently gave up our jobs and rented out our house to persue a life of travel across Europe in our motorhome called Ollie.

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