A brewery tour in Plzeň…. .

A trip to the Czech Republic would not be complete without at least one visit to a brewery.  The Pilsner Urquell brewery, in Plzeň, is the largest brewery in the Czech Republic so we went on line and booked our tickets for an English speaking tour.  Basing ourselves at a campsite on a lakeside a few miles out of town we hopped on the train to take us into the centre of Plzeň.  Only it wasn’t taking us into the centre of Plzeň as we soon found out when the ticket conductor started chuckling whilst shaking his head and pointing in the other direction.  Ho hum.  Getting off at the first available stop we then realised we should be getting the tram into the centre not the train.  Easy mistake to make.  Tram……train………same thing to me.

Tram…….not train.

After finally locating the tram stop and waving my contactless card in front of the machine, which duly spat out two tickets, we made it into town.  We just had an hour to kill before our allotted tour time.  Mmm.  What to do.  Walk the town admiring the architecture?  Sit in the cathedral and contemplate the meaning of life?  Or……….go directly to the brewery to see if we can sample their wares before the tour.

The tour started well……

Having killed an hour in the brewery bar/restaurant we duly lined up for our tour.  Now, maybe I’m being a bit harsh but our tour guide really wasn’t the best.  Lovely though she was she had a very thick accent and spoke in such a monotone, as if reading from a memorized script, that I lost the will to live within the first ten minutes.  No passion, no humour, nothing.

….but soon deteriorated.

Our group of about fifty was herded onto a bus, which felt remarkably like being on an airport bus taxiing across the runway, which took us to the bottling plant and then on to another area to look at, I dunno, other stuff.  As I said, I’d switched off.

The cellars……the only interesting bit.

The only interesting bit was going down to the underground cellars, which I don’t think are used anymore, to see where the beer barrels used to be stored.  It was there that the tour reached fever pitch as we were allowed to sample one glass of unpasteurised Pilsner Urquell beer.

Sorry, rubbish picture but we didn’t have time to stop as they wanted to get us all through quickly.

We had to drink up in double quick time though as the next tour group was coming through.  I was just glad to get out as it was freezing cold down in the cellar.  Disappointed.  Sooo disappointed.

The beer glass made out of bits of wood was OK.

In contrast, our wine tour in France last year, with an engaging guide and small group, ended in the warm ambience of a welcoming bar where we were able to take our time sampling the four different wines that were made there.


Sampling the wine of the Bouvet Ladubay cellars after our tour in France last year.  All in all, a much more civilised affair.

To cheer ourselves up we splashed out on the three course set menu at the campsite restaurant for 134Kč (about £4.74).  Potato soup, burger and chips followed by ice cream.  Living it large we are.

Next stop…………Prague.

Mĕj Se!



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We are Jane and Tim and we recently gave up our jobs and rented out our house to persue a life of travel across Europe in our motorhome called Ollie.

5 thoughts on “A brewery tour in Plzeň…. .”

  1. Hi Jane Tim, We’re following your travels your doing lots of diverse thing’s very interesting. We’re hopefully going to do the same next year for six months and if we like it going to do a year or more. I’ve been looking at insurance for the motorhome and can’t find an insurance company who will insurance us for more then 3 months in Europe without coming home then going back again for 3 months seems a bit ridiculous can you help Derek And Pat Waudby x


    1. Hi Derek and Pat, thanks for still following and sticking with us! Regards insurance we had to take out a full timing policy with Comfort as we have rented out our house and have no permanent UK address atm. I think Safeguard cover vans for up to 365 days for EU countries – have a look at Julie and Jasons site over at ourtour.co.uk as they have written lots about insurance and they have loads of other useful info there too. Hope this helps and have fun with your planning:) Jane x


      1. Hi Jane, Sorry I missed your reply..
        Yes we’v been following your adventure travelling you make it sound so much fun And interesting. We are just starting our 6 months trip and we’re blogging it we’v just put our first blog up. I’m just getting used to the way WordPress works. I see your in Scotland looked lovely. We’re in France then Spain and Portugal then home in December. Then in the new year we may go off again in January if like it ..But l think we will 🙂…. maybe see you on our travels derekandpat.com x


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