Running repairs…. .

It’s official.  We are having a duvet day today.  We’ve returned to the Camperstop at ancient Corinth for a regroup, a recharge and a relax.  Sometimes it makes a nice change to go back to a familiar place for a short while, with all the services on hand, to chill out and give our eyeballs and brains a rest from all things new.  It’s a bit like going in for a spell of respite care.

We can have a break from the everyday questions like what are we going to do today, where are we going to park up, do we need water, where can we empty our waste, do you think that water will be safe to drink, have we got enough power in the batteries and so on.  Here, back at the Camperstop, we’ve already explored the area and we can, if we so choose, do nothing at all.  Rien, nada, naff all.  And, as it is a grey and wet day today, that is exactly what we are choosing to do. Tim can relax secure in the knowledge that he is not going to be confronted with the ‘so, what do you want to do today question’ which generally invokes a ‘rabbit in the headlights’ look.  He’s had a busy week and is in need of some R and R.

Looking out at a wet, grey day at the Camperstop at ancient Corinth.

As I mentioned in my last post our water pump ceased pumping and we were waiting for a new one to be delivered.  It duly arrived on time and Tim laid out all his tools on the harbour front ready to fit it.


Everything prepped ready for the new water pump.

All went without a hitch and voila, we had running water once again.  I pushed the boat out and luxuriated in a shower lasting at least thirty seconds longer than I normal and emerged feeling renewed, reborn and squeaky clean.  After five days of boiling the kettle for hot water and running back and forth to a tap on the harbour filling our three five litre fresh water bottles it was certainly a luxury to have running water again.


The shiny new water pump in situ.

Now, we have also known for some time that we had a teeny tiny leak from somewhere in the shower cubicle.  After taking a shower, a few drops of water regularly appeared on the tarmac underneath the van directly under where the shower is.  Nothing serious, just something to keep an eye on.  Well, since the all singing all dancing shiny new water pump has been fitted it seems that the teeny tiny leak is no longer so teeny tiny.  A full blown puddle was now appearing under the van after either of us had taken a shower.  *roll eyes* C’est la vie.  If it’s not one thing it’s another.


After an investigation which involved taking part of the sink out to get an eyeball at all the pipe work Tim thought the leak was likely to be coming from a loose pipe connected to the shower tap.  To get to it, though, would mean taking out the plastic panel the tap is connected to.  After doing the repair it would then all need to be put back in and resealed.  Simples.  Before Tim could tackle it though we needed to be somewhere where we could easily get some parts.

Whilst deciding what to do next we had a visual lesson from a chap fishing on the harbourside on how to catch and kill an octopus.  I won’t furnish you with the gory details but suffice to say a hat pin was involved.  Being the squeamish type I felt pretty fortunate that I have only been presented with a few nails, a rusty pair of old pliers and several bottle tops from Tim’s  magnet fishing adventures.  In fact, I think I’d prefer a medley of rusty metal marinated in WD40, served on a bed of discarded fishing net, with a side order of nuts, bolts and bottle tops to a dinner full of tentacles.  Octopus….Squid…..I just don’t get the appeal.  Anyway, each to their own.

We decided that Náfplio would be the most likely place not too far away that we’d be able to get all the bits that were needed for the leaky shower tap.  Whilst on the way there we’d be able to swing in and visit the Sanctuary of Epidaurus.  Arriving late afternoon we’d intended to stay overnight in the large carpark in order to visit the site early next morning before it got busy.  The resident dozen or so dogs, though, thought otherwise.  After two hours of constant barking and carrying on we concluded that they were none too happy with us being on their territory and if we, or they, were to get any sleep we needed to decamp and park a few kilometres away and return in the morning.  Which we did.

Oh, they were like different dogs in the morning.  All smiles they couldn’t have been more welcoming with one accompanying us on our whole tour of the site.  As probably most people do, we made our way straight to the theatre to test out the acoustics to see if they really were near-perfect.

Epidaurus Theatre.

The sound certainly does bounce back at you when standing in the middle of the stage and I still marvel at the design and engineering of these ancient sites built over two thousand years ago.


It’s huge.
Theatrical performances are still put on throughout July and August.
Tim in one of the VIP seats.

What we really needed was for our French playing neighbour that we’d met in Ermioni to test the acoustics with his didgeridoo.  He could have didgeridone a virtuoso performance.

The 5th BC stadium used to host nude athletic games.  
Part of the medical complex dedicated to Asclepios.

Back in Náfplio the tools were out again.  It’s just as well Tim is able to do these sorts of things otherwise we’d be in search of a motorhome or caravan repairer which are few and far between here in Greece.


After several trips back and forth to a hardware store where the very helpful assistant furnished us with all the necessary parts, even drilling a hole in a bit that needed drilling, the repair was complete and everything put back and resealed.


……….and after 🙂

He’s a genius my husband is.  A genius!


We’ll find out later today if it has worked.

I have faith.

I’m sure it has.

I’ll let you know next week.

αντιο σας!

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We are Jane and Tim and we recently gave up our jobs and rented out our house to persue a life of travel across Europe in our motorhome called Ollie.

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