On the road again…. .

So.  Bonjour à tous et à toute.  We are back on the road.  After over five months in the UK we landed in France this morning.  Yay!  We made the big journey of four kilometres from the ferry port to a free aire behind a lovely beach just outside Roscoff, Brittany.  Here we will stay for at least tonight to rest up, regroup and, for me at least, reacquaint myself with writing a blog.  My blog writing skills are somewhat rusty after such a long lay off so we may be here for three days.  Still, I have a wonderfully inspiring view, which I will show you at the end of this post, to help me get the brain in gear.

Firstly, how good is it to be back in France?  Merveilleux!  In our opinion, France is the motorhomers dream country to meander around in and we are very happy to be back here.  Tim was positively beaming from ear to ear this morning rolling off the ferry.  Anyway, that’s where we are at but we need to wind back a bit to give an update on campsite life from the inside looking out.

The calm before the school holidays.

For those of you that remember from the last blog post (I concede it was a looong time ago) we were about three weeks into our two month stint of working at a campsite in Cornwall.  Up until that point the weather had been absolutely amazing but as we all know that kind of weather can’t last forever especially in the UK.  So when did the weather break?  The first weekend of the school holidays.  Of course it did.  Smiling, happy campers were leaving their homes under clear skies in thirty degrees of heat full of expectations of a sun drenched holiday in Cornwall.  Like lambs to the slaughter they were, trundling down that A30 past Bodmin.  They arrived on site and made the best of trying to get their tents pitched in the squally rain that was being whipped up by a gusty wind.  I had to admire their optimism.

Off to a day at the office.

The pile it high sell it cheap world we live in hasn’t escaped the outdoor activity market.  The vast majority of tents these days are just not up to the job.  Most are just about fit for one season.  In the UK I would recommend a five season tent.  A five season tent will see you through Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter and the six weeks of the British school holidays.  Anything less just won’t do.  Most campers, if they weren’t actually inside their tents creating some ballast, were holed up inside their cars watching parts of their tents make their way to Land’s End.  It was a shame as, apart from a few days, the weather was poor throughout the whole of August as well (or it just felt that way after the good run we’d had).  We couldn’t grumble though as we had had the best of the weather since we had returned to the UK in April.  It did keep Tim and Barry (the maintenance chap) busy clearing away all the abandoned tents, inflatable chairs, lilos, tables, camping chairs, barbecues, wet bedding, wet pillows, gazebos, umbrellas, dinghies, broken windbreaks and the like on their rounds of the campsite bins in the mornings.  So much waste, just going into landfill, is sad to see.

A walk along the coast path near Portreath.

Despite the weather the site remained practically full for the school holidays with just a few gaps here and there……….mainly from those that had left early as they no longer had a roof over their head or everything was soaked through.  Ah, happy days indeed.  Even though we are wusses now with the comfort and warmness and dryness of our van we were tent campers once and remember many holidays braved under canvas being at the mercy of whatever the weather had to throw at us.  It’s a rite of passage really.  We do still have a very lightweight backpacking tent with us in the van for the odd cycling or walking trip but I confess it’s not seen the light of day for the past four years or so.  We had intended to use it for a week or two walking the coast path in Cornwall or a trip to the Isles of Scilly after our campsite job ended but, well, France beckoned and that was the end of that!

Happy as Larry on the tractor.

So despite the weather it was still busy on the site throughout the school holidays which meant we were kept busy too.  Obvs.  As you would expect you have to be a good all rounder when working on a campsite and turn your hand to anything and cleaning the shower blocks is all part of that ‘all round’ experience.  Now you do learn a lot about the nature of both yourself and other people when doing the job of cleaning up after them.  For example, I would never have known that urinals would give me the heebie jeebies but there it is, they do.  It was just best if Tim dealt with those.  Also, when we have worked together whilst we’ve been volunteering on our travels we have always sorted out pretty quickly between us a way of doing things in harmony.  Mmm, not so with the shower block cleaning.  We quickly decided on me doing showers, sinks and mirrors whilst Tim did toilets, bins and floor.  I know everyone will be thinking ‘poor Tim’ but he, of his own free will, chose those jobs (the urinals were added later after discovering my phobia).  So far so good.  Well, not really.  It became apparent that we each have our own ways of tackling cleaning jobs and things just didn’t ‘gel’ as it were.  Working together in a limited space trying not to trip over each other was a challenge especially if we were tired and when we both wanted to do things our own way.  On occasions it almost resorted to handbags at dawn.  There were glares, there were tuts, there were mutterings of ‘where’s the bloody bin gone’.  These were all from me of course as Tim just quietly and stoically got on with what needed to be done.  It wasn’t until about the eighth week into the job that we decided if I did the Ladies and Tim did the Mens then we would all be happy.  And so it was.  What can I say, we are slow learners.  If we’d just done that from the off we’d have saved ourselves a lot of angst.

Not to be out done I had a go too!

Throughout our long camping, caravanning and motorhoming life we have stayed on countless number of campsites so pretty much knew what to expect in terms of shower block cleanliness.  Basically we’d surmised that there are two types of people…..those that clean up after themselves……..and those that don’t.  Oh but wait.  No.  There is a third type of person.  This type of person does bizarre things just to make your life that little bit more difficult.  For example, seals disappeared from shower heads and toilets, screws and locks disappeared from toilet doors.  As I said, bizarre.  Odd.  Just odd.  There’s nowt so queer as folk as they say.

St Michael’s Mount.

It wasn’t all shower block cleaning though as we had a good mix of jobs from gardening, mowing grass, moving of caravans, office work, lodge and caravan changeover days, cleaning the pool and a new one for Tim ‘entertainer’.  As I’ve mentioned before on the blog Tim’s musical life has suffered whilst we have been on our travels and it was the one thing that he knew would be his biggest compromise when choosing to do this trip. Since buying the amplifier several months ago though he has managed to carve out a new persona.  That of solo musician playing to backing tracks.  It’s not ideal as he would much prefer to play with a band but needs must and all that.  The campsite has a small bar and puts on entertainment five nights a week during the school holidays.  There were quiz nights, karaoke nights, bingo nights, horse racing nights and various singers and what not so Tim asked if they’d like him to play.  Yes was the reply so he was kept busy entertaining the troops a couple of evenings a week.  Result.

Grass cutting accompanied by Sandy the campsite pooch.

The music here in Cornwall has been a bonus as we’ve had folk nights at two different pubs we can walk to every week (although one of them is what I would term as ‘dirgy folk’ which has been a step too far for me).  There’s been a choir night once a month which is an anyone can come and join in affair which we have really enjoyed with everyone belting out the old Cornish songs and of course Tim went up to have a sing song with the ‘Four Lanes Male Voice Choir’ when he wasn’t working.    So all in all the we’ve had a decent amount of music added to our lives this summer.

A September sunset.

That about wraps it up then on our venture into campsite work.  We’ve had a great summer down in Cornwall and enjoyed the experience.  The people we have worked with have been great and very easy to get on with which makes all the difference but with the busy season over it’s time for a break and pastures new.  The question is……will we go back to do it all again next year?  Of course!

Our view today.

‘Andsome, my luvver!


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We are Jane and Tim and we recently gave up our jobs and rented out our house to persue a life of travel across Europe in our motorhome called Ollie.

12 thoughts on “On the road again…. .”

  1. So wonderful to find this post this morning! Glad you’re back on the road! Good to read you spent a nice time on the campground in Cornwall! Happy travels, enjoy la Douce France!!


  2. Hi Jane and Tim. Good to read your blog, you’v had a busy summer you need a rest. Travelling around Europe will do the trick. 👍 We are in Spain at Castelo de Ferro a lovely little Village on the Mediterranean. We love this lifestyle planning for next year already. But still lots to do we’re meeting up with some friends next week and our son and granddaughter are coming over in 5 weeks. We go home in December. Safe travels derekandpat.com x


    1. Hi D&P, yes, we are enjoying some down time now making our way down through Brittany. I’ve been following your travels and am sooo glad you are enjoying your trip and planning more trips for the future. Enjoy the friends and family time you have coming up and we hope to catch up with you on the road sometime 🙂 x


  3. You’re right – there’s nowhere quite like France for motorhoming. It’s our first love and we look forward to seeing more of it over the years.

    Have a great trip – looking forward to reading all about it.



    1. Hi Paul, yep, France is such a great country for us vagabonders although before long we’ll be chasing that sun! I’ve just caught up with your blog and your trip to Scotland. We didn’t have time for Mull but would love to explore Mull and some of the other islands on a future trip. Happy and safe travels! 🙂


  4. Fascinating read… and hilarious because it mirrors our very own experiences exactly! We’ve had several trials as volunteer Wardens for the first time ever this year and are committing to a full season next year in Scotland.

    Also, just booked our Eurotunnel tickets for next week for our first ever foray into Europe in the Motorhome for winter! France, Portugal and Spain coastline tour planned… Bit anxious but by this time next year we too will hopefully be professionals!! 🚐💨

    Safe travels
    Tim & Jan


    1. Hi T&J

      Ah, campsite life eh? It can’t be too bad though as we are going to do it all again next year as well although just for three months…..we don’t want to over do things;)

      Exciting times ahead for you both with your upcoming trip 🙂 We use maps.me, searchforsites, park4night and campercontact which we find gives us all the info we need regarding where to stop etc. Keep in touch and let us know how you get on and we could maybe meet up for a chin wag if our paths cross 🙂

      Bon Voyage!

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Hi Jane and Tim, those blogging muscles are getting some use again and we so enjoy the result! Fascinating reading about campsites from another perspective. As you say it can’t be all bad as you are going back next year!

    We’ve been in Scotland for a month in Daisy our VW and followed some of your routes and suggestions, thanks. (Thinking about blogging the journey so watch this space – I blog for my business and not sure I want to do it for fun, but sharing the stories in the community would be fun.)

    Just a quick question – on your master map what do the colours represent, please?

    Looking forward to following you both in France as that’s a Sping plan for us.

    Best wishes,

    Pete and Noreen


    1. Hi P&N

      Thanks for commenting 🙂 I’m glad you enjoyed your trip to Scotland……..we loved it up there and definately plan to go back at some point (I doubt we’ll be as lucky with the weather again though!)

      The colours on the master map just represent which year of are travels they are. Blue was Year 1 (7 April 2016 – 6 April 2017), Yellow Year 2 and Red is this year. I’ve looked at the map since I had your question and noticed that some of the co-ordinates aren’t right in France as none of the stops we made around the Ile de Re and La Rochelle are on there so we’ve made a mistake somwhere! Need to have another look and make some corrections.

      With regards to the blog I statrted it as a record for ourselves and for friends and family to follow what we are up to and it has proved to be really good for doing that so I am glad I started it. I’d like to make some changes so it’s easier to find old posts but as I haven’t worked out how to back any of it up yet (well I haven’t really made any effort to find out how to do it) I’m reluctant to faff with it in case I lose everything!

      Anyway, happy travels and enjoy your trip to France in the Spring………fantastic country for travelling in a van:)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks for all that information! oooo I’d find that way of backing it up! If you lost all the memories that would be so sad! I’m sure that whoever is hosting the site can do a backup? I’ll keep you posted how it goes. Best wishes, Pete


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