About us.

Update January 2018.

Well I thought it was about time I updated our ‘About us’ page as we are now over twenty months into our mid life crisis life changing decision to swap our comfy and secure previous life for a new life of travel and adventure.  I wrote some reflections at six months or so into our journey which you can read here and I have now updated those reflections here with how we feel after nearly two years on the road.

We have so far visited fourteen countries, travelled 12754 miles and spent about six months volunteering via Helpx with seven different hosts.  It’s safe to say we have settled into our life on the road pretty well and have no plans as yet to return to a more conventional life.  In fact, we really don’t know what we want to do in the future.  We have some ideas which are floating about in the background which may, or may not, ever materialise so we’re quite content living our vagabond lifestyle for the foreseeable future.  There is still so much more we want to see in Europe and beyond.

When we returned to the UK in April 2017 to visit family and friends and have the annual MOT on the van we revisited the question of what to do with all our ‘stuff’ which had been locked up in a storage container since the start of our trip in April 2016.  In short, after much procrastination, deliberation, rumination, consideration, contemplation and any other ‘ation’ you can think of we gave it all away to a charity bar a few pictures and one small plastic box which we are keeping at my parents house.  You can read about that here.  It was a bold move for us and only time will tell if it was the right decision.

For now though, the journey continues…..

About us

This is us!
This is us on top of some hill or other in the Yorkshire Dales.

We are Jane and Tim and we have decided to ditch the predictable, conventional, and yes dull, life we had to go and find some adventure by exploring Europe in our motorhome.  We have always hankered after a bit of freedom and the opportunity to explore new areas for an extended period.  Don’t you just hate trying to cram everything in to a two week holiday just to return to work exhausted and in need of another holiday?  Well no more!  We want to slow it all down and have the time to really experience new and interesting places.

Our trip, or ‘the trip’, as it is now known has been in the making for the last five years.  That may sound a long time, and it is a long time, but we really really really, and I mean really, wanted to be in a position to give up work and create a lifestyle out of travelling for an extended period of time without having to return to work after say a year, unless we chose to.  We want to live our life, for the first time, on our own terms.

So, we’ve saved and engineered our life over that period of time to enable us to travel in our motorhome for as long as we find the life fulfilling. That may be three months or it could be several years – who knows until we try it.  Better to have tried and found it doesn’t suit than missed the opportunity of fabulous adventures and an agreeable lifestyle!

When I say we have engineered our life what I mean by that is we drastically cut down on our living expenses, stopped buying stuff we didn’t need, massively reduced our stuff and our house will be rented whilst we’re on the road.  We will, in effect, be homeless!  But we do have our home on wheels who is affectionately known as ‘Ollie’.  Why?  Because we use him for ‘ollie’ days!  Well now ‘Ollie’ is going to be on one major badass ‘Ollieday’!!

That’s Ollie with Tim in a field near Lymington, Dorset.

That’s not to say we aren’t on a budget, we most definitely are, and we are going to have to be creative to live within our budget but we ‘think’ it’s doable – we’ll see.  We are going to do some House/pet sitting and some volunteering along the way to help us to meet new people, learn new skills and live like a local for a short while. Having read numerous blogs on this lifestyle and all the fabulous people out there who have divulged all their expenses we have come up with ‘our number’ and hope that we can live within it! Time will tell.  The clock is ticking.  We are homeless on 8th April 2016 when our tenants move in so that’s when the adventure begins!