Whilst we have been busy simplifying our lives and saving for our trip around Europe in our motorhome I have read many travel books and blogs.  I came across a book written by Garry Greenwood called A retiree’s guide to life after work.  The book was free on Amazon Kindle at the time so I thought I’d give it a shot.  The author and his wife, at the age of 55, sold all they owned and boarded a plane with little cash and traveled the world for nearly ten years.  They created a life of travel and adventure, living on their own terms. It was through this book that I first heard about the Helpx website.  They did some volunteering through helpx on their travels.  We feel that we may well lack a little focus when traveling for an extended period of time.  Therefore, committing to spending some time volunteering will not only give us some routine and focus but it will  connect us with different ideas, cultures, languages, skills, foods and environments.  In return for approximately 20 hours work a week you receive accommodation and food so it’s a win/win situation. There are other sites which offer similar experiences such as: WWOOF UK and Workaway.  I think it’s primarily younger people who participate but us oldies still have a lot to give and share and learn!

Here is our profile on the Helpx website.

Jane and Tim
Premier Helpers

Jane, 47 from United Kingdom (couple)
Tim, 54 from United Kingdom
Network: Europe
Present Country: United Kingdom
Join Date: January 3, 2016
Last Updated: January 3, 2016
Hi, we are Jane and Tim and we are currently living in the UK but intend to rent out our house and travel in our Motorhome throughout Europe starting around April 2016. We would, therefore, need somewhere to park our Motorhome if we were to volunteer with you. We are 47 and 54 and we are both fit, healthy and enthusiastic! We would like to do some volunteering on our travels as we are keen to learn new skills/languages and meet people with different interests and ideas. Tim’s background is in Engineering, specifically within Marine and Plant Engineering. My background is within admin/customer service. We are keen outdoor enthusiasts and enjoy walking and cycling. Tim is also a musician and would look forward to giving saxophone and clarinet lessons if anyone was interested. We are animal lovers and would relish the chance to help look after pets and animals. We have had four dogs (3 airedales and a wire fox terrier) and a cat over the years. We would be willing to work hard and turn our hand to anything that is required as long as instruction was offered!

If you would like to host us then we would love to hear from you.

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