Trusted Housesitters

As part of our new life we are planning on doing some House and Pet sitting via the Trusted Housesitters Website.  We love the idea of loving and looking after other people’s home and pets giving the owners the peace of mind that all is well at home whilst they are away. We know our travel experiences will be enriched by any assignment we are accepted for and it will give us the chance to live like a local for a short while with the added bonus of comfortable surroundings and lovely pets to look after.

Here are some pictures of our beloved pets who are now no longer with us 😦

Guinness who we adopted from the cat’s and dog’s home in 1991.
Our first Airedale, Molly, on holiday in Ireland in 1997.
Cornwall July 2010 086.JPG
Lulu with Tim in Cornwall on her holidays!
Harriet, or ‘H’, as she was affectionately known on Brean Sands beach in Somerset.
January 2010 144.JPG
Tim with Douglas our Wire Fox Terror!


Here is our profile from the THS Website:

Jane (47) & Tim (54)

Sits for free

Mature couple. Experienced with dogs and cats. Travelling with motorhome. Non-smoking. No Dependents. Professional.



Hello, we are Jane and Tim. We are a mature couple (47 and 54) who will shortly be embarking on a life change to travel in our motorhome full time throughout the UK and Europe. We are experienced animal lovers having shared our lives with 4 dogs (3 airedales and a wire fox terrier) and a cat over a period of 22 years. We are financially independent and we will be renting out our own home whilst on our travels. We are very flexible with no set itinerary and would welcome the opportunity to look after your home and animals treating them with care, respect and as if they were our own.

march 2012 077
Tim on the beach with Douglas and Lulu, sadly now no longer with us:(
Why we want to house sit

As we are now in a position to travel full-time in our motorhome we feel house and pet sitting will offer us the opportunity to spend time in new and unexplored areas with the added bonus of a comfortable environment and a pet or pets to love and care for. The sacrifice we have made to pursue this lifestyle is that we are not able to have our own pets and all the joys (and sometimes heartache) that they bring. We really miss the enriching experience of having pets and the companionship, cuddles, walks, fun and hilarity they bring to our lives.
We know the anguish that is felt when leaving a pet whilst being away from home for any period of time. We would like to provide that peace of mind for owners knowing that their property and pets will be loved, safe and well cared for in their absence. You can rest assured we will treat your pets as if they were our own providing plenty of love and cuddles and we will respect and care for your home keeping it clean, tidy and secure.

Bailey, the Beagle, enjoying time at the pub after a long walk!
What we bring to the assignment / relevant experience

Being homeowners ourselves we understand the level of trust you will be putting into us. We will be finishing our employment at the end of March 16 and will be renting out our own home.

We have had 4 dogs and 1 cat over a period of 22 years and we are experienced in looking after puppies and dogs. We are also experienced in recognising the signs of an ill pet or if they are generally ‘out of sorts’. All our pets at some time in their lives and, particularly as they became older, needed special care and medication and we are not fazed by clearing up any ‘accidents’.

We regularly ‘baby-sit’ a friends Beagle for weekends in our own home and feed her cats and make sure her home is secure. We walk a German Wire Haired Pointer for an elderly neighbour who has had many operations and has had long periods of time in recuperation when he has been unable to take her for walks.


06 March 2016 | Bradford-on-Avon, United Kingdom


We could not have asked for a more wonderful couple than Jane and Tim to look after our animals and house. It’s always difficult to know how relative strangers are going to cope with at least one demanding dog but they coped admirably and kept us in touch with the events just to make sure we had nothing to worry about. Apart from caring for the animals they even underwent some household chores that were not requested or even expected. This was our first time away and we can’t thank them enough for taking away our anxiety about leaving the house. We highly recommend them them to anyone.

01 February 2016

Dave T

I have known Jane for a long time as a trusted work colleague. We also worked voluntarily for a Search and Rescue team for a few years. Jane at short notice looked after our dog ‘Lottie’ for a long weekend, an experience ‘Lottie’ certainly seemed to have enjoyed. I know that Jane enjoys long walks, so ‘Lottie’ certainly had a good workout. I had left Jane with a key to the house so she could bring the dog back on the morning of our return. I had no hesitation in giving Jane a key to the house, and would have had no issue if Jane had wanted to look after the dog at our own house. I would have total trust in Jane. I would certainly have no hesitation in using Jane to look after any pet, to housesit, or to do both, and would recommend use of her services.

30 January 2016


We had the pleasure of first meeting Jane and Tim when fostering Douglas, a Wire Fox Terrier with Fox Terrier Rescue UK. Douglas was given to rescue because he smelled, was loud, and the family felt he was too much work. They had him sleep in a cardboard box to avoid cleaning too many covers. Douglas was a fox terrier – very typical one too. He was very chatty, and just a gem. Jane and Tim were the perfect family for him, they were committed to him and their Airedale, Lulu. We had no qualms about them as an adoptive family. Douglas had the best care, and as a family their lives revolved around their dogs. In fact, they enjoyed travelling – and Douglas has visited more places than I have. Whenever we saw Douglas and Lulu, they were always in good clean condition and happy. Although I cannot say much about the first part of his life, but I know that Douglas had a wonderful life with the Thackrays.

29 January 2016


I have known Jane for almost 7 years as a fellow civil servant and loyal friend. She frequently sits for my rambunctious beagle, Bailey, and my crazy cats. I trust Jane and Tim implicitly and they have always had keys to my home for emergencies. They have cared for Bailey in their own home and have collected her from my home whilst I am away unexpectedly or unwell. They are also happy to feed my cats whilst I am away. They are trustworthy, reliable and caring with a natural affinity with animals. I would recommend Jane and Tim to anyone who would wish for their furry friends to be treated with same love and respect they give themselves.